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Firefox extension of the day: NoScript, which allows you to enable JavaScript selectively only for specific trusted sites, disabling it for everyone else. Which, in the age of sneaky phishing attacks (not to mention sites which obnoxiously maximise their windows, disable the right mouse button or do similarly annoying things), it could be quite useful.

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Posted by: Watermelon Boy http:// Mon Jun 27 00:44:14 2005

The NoScript extension caused a few headaches for me when I first installed it. Firstly: the sound. Does it need to play it every time it blocks javascripts from a page (every single page I visited after installing it)? Does it need to bury the option to turn it off in the about:config page instead of having a proper checkbox in the options page? And does it REALLY need to stop the address bar from working properly? On my configuration of firefox (which seems to be crashing more and more and more the more extensions there are) the URL would not switch as I switched tabs. Very frustrating.

What did surprise me though was how many sites it was able to completely block javascript from without causing any headaches.

Posted by: Watermelon Boy http:// Mon Jun 27 00:46:11 2005

And by 'without causing any headaches' I mean 'without completely fucking up the page rendering royally'... as mentioned above it gave me more than my fair share of trouble. I really should proofread comments before I post them.

Anyway, to paraphrase Strong Bad, the extension is now a-digga... a-digga... DELETED!