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LJ icon of the day

LiveJournal user icon of the day:
(Note: for the full effect, make sure you have animated images enabled.)

There are 7 comments on "LJ icon of the day":

Posted by: Graham Mon Jun 27 14:49:04 2005

What the fuck?

Posted by: mrsmalkav http:// Mon Jun 27 17:31:54 2005


Posted by: HazyJayne Mon Jun 27 22:51:35 2005

It is really quite addictive....

Posted by: Watermelon Boy Tue Jun 28 06:09:28 2005

How do you DISABLE animated images?

Posted by: acb Tue Jun 28 08:52:49 2005

In your browser options.

Posted by: paulo http:// Fri Jul 1 11:23:29 2005

Love it!

Posted by: Alex Tue Jul 5 14:19:19 2005


Reminds me of the 'where all the smily faces come from' animated gif from a week or so back.