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American Apparel, union-busters

You know those American Apparel "sweat-shop free" T-shirts with the reality-porn-style ads in VICE Magazine and such? Well, apparently the company is not quite as ethically sound as it claims to be:
According to a complaint filed with the National Labor Relations Board and settled by the company, American Apparel engaged in tactics of intimidation to bust an attempt at unionization, including interrogating workers about their support for a union, soliciting workers to withdraw their union authorization cards and threatening to close the facility if a union was formed. The company also allegedly printed armbands to be worn at work which read, "no union," and forced employees to attend an anti-union rally.
As a result of their settlement with the National Labor Relations Board, American Apparel signed an agreement promising not to engage in union-busting tactics in the future.

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Posted by: conrad Mon Jul 4 21:14:22 2005

That's not their only problem lately. It looks like Dov's strange ideas about sex in the office have caught up with him:

(via lj user marm0t)

Posted by: Gomer Pyle http:// Fri Jul 8 07:08:14 2005

Surprise Surprise Surprise...