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Explosions in London

Bombs go off all over London, at Tube stations and on a bus, at 8:50am. The Tube and bus services have been suspended. Details are still vague, though there are reportedly many seriously injured people. Initial reports said that it was a very severe signal failure power surge, though now it's looking like a terrorist attack.

Update: there are rumours that 20 people are dead and >90 injured, though the BBC hasn't confirmed them.

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Posted by: datakid http:// Thu Jul 7 10:25:42 2005

good to hear yr ok, mate

Posted by: Jim http:// Thu Jul 7 10:26:02 2005

Glad you're OK.

Posted by: gjw Thu Jul 7 11:34:00 2005

Glad you're okay acb, keep us posted.

Posted by: threeze Thu Jul 7 12:15:17 2005

keep yourself safe and us updated, please.

Posted by: Inferno http:// Thu Jul 7 12:29:06 2005

Glad you are Ok.