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The usual suspects

According to the Wikipedia entry on the terrorist attacks, there was also a bombing in South Kensington, and a suicide bomber was shot dead in Canary Wharf.

Some group claiming to be al-Qaeda has claimed responsibility for the attacks. Which could well be true; initially it didn't look quite spectacular enough to be them, though it could well be a group of radical Islamist copycats; a franchise operation, as it were. Or a feint to draw out the emergency response services and analyse their plans in preparation for a later, more devastating, attack. It's probably not the IRA, anti-globalisation groups, animal-rights militants or anyone else.

Then again, after such an attack, nutters usually come out of the woodwork to claim responsibility and get some free publicity. The militant Islamist group who claimed responsibility may or may not be connected to whoever actually carried out the attacks.

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Posted by: Graham Thu Jul 7 14:58:18 2005

The Canary Wharf thing has just been denied by London police.

Posted by: Ben Legume Fri Jul 8 07:06:12 2005

I was theorising with an anonymous source today that there was an absent-minded Al Cia-Da grandmother who had a load of bombs to deliver but kept leaving them on train platforms and buses as she wandered around London.