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Transfixing The Forbidden Blasphemous Incantation Of The Conjuring Wintergoat

Impaled Northern Moonforest is an Acoustic Black Metal act, and has songs for downloading, with titles like "Lustfully Worshipping The Inverted Moongoat While Skiing Down The Inverted Necromountain Of Necrodeathmortum" and "Entranced By The Northern Impaled Necrowizard's Blasphemous Incantation Amidst The Agonizing Abomination Of THe Lusting Necrocorpse". They sound exactly as you imagine them to.

There are 5 comments on "Transfixing The Forbidden Blasphemous Incantation Of The Conjuring Wintergoat":

Posted by: memphet http:// Tue Jul 12 16:52:06 2005


Posted by: Graham Wed Jul 13 02:27:36 2005

They're a bit keen on the Necro- prefix, huh?

Posted by: Graham Wed Jul 13 09:25:33 2005

Anyway, if I was skiing down an inverted necromountain, I'd probably be too worried about crashing into some abominable Necrosnowman to be bothered with paying homage to some moongoat....

Posted by: datakid http:// Fri Jul 15 03:54:40 2005

comment from my workmate Chris: "Acoustic Black Metal, huh? I bet there's lots of hair"

Posted by: acb Fri Jul 15 08:52:48 2005

Anyway, I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one concerned about the necrosnowman issue.

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