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British-born suicide bombers

It has been confirmed that the tube bombings were carried out by British-born suicide bombers. This is something pretty much everyone was hoping not to hear: for one, it is next to impossible to defend against suicide bombers (the admonitions to look out for unaccompanied bags are, of course, useless; meanwhile, some claim that the body-scanning machines to be installed on the Tube at massive expense will only provide suicide bombers with long queues to blow themselves up near). In Israel, they have metal detectors and explosive detectors everywhere (you can't enter a reasonable-sized public space without being scanned), and that doesn't seem to have stemmed the tide of carnage. And guess what: we're all Israelis now.

The fact that the bombers were British-born, showed no sign of association with Islamist extremists, and were known, among other things, to good-naturedly play cricket at a local club in Leeds is even more chilling. It can't be good for relations between Britain's Islamic communities and the rest of the country; already, those neo-Nazi hatemongers, the British National Party, have been making hay from the tragedy.

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Posted by: Adnan http:// Thu Jul 14 01:29:44 2005

Get ready folks, its time for the muslim in UK to be really afraid, England is now Israel and UK Muslim are all Palestinian.

Posted by: acb Thu Jul 14 10:26:07 2005

I don't think it's quite that bad. Most people (the BNP excluded, obviously, but then again, they're shitheads) have been able to distinguish between Muslims in general and extremists in particular. And I don't see humiliating checkpoints at the borders of Pakistani neighbourhoods or heavily-armed settlers wrecking Muslim-owned fried-chicken shops out of spite while the authorities look on.