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Dog bombs

The biggest threat to troops in Iraq is, apparently, dog bombs, which imitate the numerous stray dogs roaming the country:
The terrorists have apparently used florescent tape to create eyes in their canine cut-outs to make them look more realistic in a vehicle's headlights.
(Hang on, aren't attacks on soldiers by definition not terrorist acts? Unless, of course, we define "terrorist" to mean "anyone fighting against us".)
The device includes two metal plates that, when hit by a bullet or the wheel of a truck, are jammed together, closing an electric circuit and setting off the bomb. Coalition soldiers say the dog bombs are the biggest threat they face in Iraq.

There are 3 comments on "Dog bombs":

Posted by: mrsmalkav http:// Tue Aug 2 13:49:19 2005

so wait. they're expecting people to *hit* the dogs while they're driving so as to explode them??

Posted by: toby http:// Tue Aug 2 23:41:02 2005

So the biggest threat to coalition troops is their inability to avoid killing stray dogs?

Posted by: Jim Wed Aug 3 08:34:50 2005

Life imitates "The Day Today"...

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