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The ultimate activity holiday destination for graffiti writers

For his latest act, vaguely subversive stencil artist Banksy has visited the West Bank and painted the controversial Israeli "security wall"; pictures are here.

The activity doesn't seem to have made him many friends; Israeli troops didn't see the humour in it and pointed their guns at him, while an old Palestinian man complained that it made the hated wall look beautiful.

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Posted by: Alex Gibson Sat Aug 6 10:36:54 2005

Hey ACB,

I am a fine arts grad who is trying to teach himself how to program with a view to create politically engaged work similiar to yours. I am also an Aussie from melbourne, but I am living in Japan this year post studies. I just wanted to say I really enjoy the Dada Engine, and this blog. Also if I could chat to a bit about it and you some time that would be great. I am thinking I may have to mention your publishing hack, this blog, etc as part of my honours thesis.

What are your and anyone elses feelings regarding my intentions?


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