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100 dischi indiepop

The top 100 indiepop albums, according to an Italian website. The descriptions are in Italian, though the choices look mostly quite sound. The top 3 are C86, one of the Sarah Records compilations and Belle & Sebastian's If You're Feeling Sinister, which sets the tone and gives an idea of the aesthetic involved. The rest doesn't disappoint: The Jesus and Mary Chain's Psychocandy is #11, #13 and #14 are Orange Juice and The Pastels, Japanese pop band 800 Cherries have #21, The Hummingbirds' loveBuzz takes #55 (and I didn't think anyone outside of Australia had heard of them; perhaps the next one of these that comes out will name-check Clag or Mid-State Orange), meanwhile Lush's Split has #67, Slowdive get #89 (along with what looks like an arch comment about the decline and fall of Creation), and The Radio Dept.'s Lesser Matters comes in at #83.

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Posted by: Graham Sat Sep 10 02:32:24 2005

Wot no Stereolab (although they're mentioned in passing with the Broadcast inclusion)? Although they got the Gobees and TMBG, and a couple of Flying Nun bands in there.

Posted by: datakid http:// Mon Sep 12 08:56:01 2005

good to see apples in stereo, disappointed there's no olivia tremor control though... and I think you'll find the various rankings are due to that age old "alphabetical order" shenanigans