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Getting Up

A video game simulating being a graffiti artist is in the works. Titled Getting Up, it was developed with the involvement of hip-hop streetwear mogul Mark Ecko and various veteran graffitiists and urban artists (including Shepard Fairey of Obey Giant fame). (I wonder whether Banksy approved of the rat-shaped stencil that's visible in the Flash site.) It's said to be an accurate simulation of the activity of tagging/doing pieces and avoiding the police, and has a story line about an evil, megalomanic mayor (which sounds like Turk 182 meets Rudy Giuliani). No word on when it's coming out or what platforms on.

There are 2 comments on "Getting Up":

Posted by: adrian talkshow boy Thu Oct 6 11:02:50 2005

Please tell me there's a way for me to contribute Talkshow Boy tracks for the soundtrack. The idea of 15-year-old Japanese boys "rebelling" through XBox to the sounds of "I'm A Motherfucking Vampire" is just too incredible to let go.

Posted by: acb Thu Oct 6 11:06:48 2005

Unfortunately, the soundtrack seems to be already decided. Chances are the game DVDs are pressed and ready to ship.

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