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Commodore Music

A streaming radio outfit named Flat Four has a series of 3 programmes about 1980s home computer music. I just listened to the Commodore 64 one, and it's pretty interesting. It has interviews with various game-music composers (including Rob Hubbard and Benn Daglish, who now participates in the chiptune-party scene), fragments of the original music and various reworkings thereof (from club/dance remixes to heavy metal and acappella vocal covers), and some examples of new music made using Commodore 64s.

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Posted by: Dan Tue Oct 25 23:15:14 2005

Hi - I happened upon your blog when looking through my web server stats. Thanks for the link. The fourth programme (about Nintendo-related music) will be out within the next couple of weeks.

Damn but this is a quality blog though. Lots of good stuff. I can't work out if you're based in London or Australia form the geographical references scattered around (perhaps an Australian living in London?). Anyway, however mysterious you are, your blog is v good.

Posted by: acb Wed Oct 26 09:22:12 2005

Your guess is right; I'm originally from Melbourne, though have lived in London for a bit over a year. Glad you find my blog of interest.

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