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The Prisoner 2.0

It looks like they're remaking The Prisoner. The new series is not going to be set in Portmeirion and is not going to have "the arty 'pop' feel of the original". Given that the remake is being done by Sky One, (News Corporation's mass-entertainment network and "the chavs' favourite channel" according to media troll and self-styled chav Julie Burchill), we can probably expect something between 24-style patriotic action thrillers and celebrity-sexploitation reality TV; in other words, unsubtle, lowbrow, cheap and of little interest to those who liked the original series.

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Posted by: Andreas Krautwald Mon Nov 21 08:59:57 2005

Not set in Portmeirion and missing the arty 'pop' feel of the original?

That's just wrong, the environment was what made The Prisoner brilliant in the first placeĀ…