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Never mind the quality, feel the width

This past November, Your Humble Narrator participated in National Solo Album Month; a challenge similar to NaNoWriMo, only involving recording an album's worth of music in one month. This time around, miraculously, I managed to cross the finish line. Granted, much of the album is unpolished and, given more time, some of the tracks would have more work done on them, but that's expected for such things.

Anyway, the album is here.

There are 1 comments on "Never mind the quality, feel the width":

Posted by: gjw Mon Dec 5 10:27:22 2005

Wish I had known about this competition a month ago - serendipidously I'd been working on a spooky / horror movie themed album over the last month as well. I'll put my old modem to task downloading your tracks.

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