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Wrathful Dispersionism

Just as proponents of "Intelligent Design" are rallying against the theory of evolution, their counterparts in linguistics are pushing the (strictly scientific, mind you, and not in the least religious) theory of "Wrathful Dispersion":
The opponents of Wrathful Dispersion maintain that it is really just Babelism, rechristened so that it might fly under the radar of those who insist that religion has no place in the state-funded classroom. Babelism was clearly rooted in the Judeo-Christian story of the Tower of Babel (Genesis 11: 19); it held that the whole array of modern languages was created by God at a single stroke, for the immediate purpose of disrupting humanity's hubristic attempt to build a tower that would reach to heaven... Wrathful Dispersion is couched in more cautiously neutral language; rather than tying linguistic diversity to a specific biblical event, it merely argues that the differences among modern languages are too perverse to have arisen spontaneously, and must therefore be the work of some wrathful (and powerful) disperser who deliberately set out to accomplish a confusion of tongues.
One cynical observer has likened WD to Scientology, which "is a religion for purposes of tax assessment, a science for purposes of propaganda, and a work of fiction for purposes of copyright."
This article, of course, is a parody. However, this site appears to be all too sincere, and offers up pearls of wisdom such as:
The Tower of Babel scenario of the Biblical account in Genesis 11 posits that all people spoke the same language before the Lord confused human tongues. Up until the nineteenth century it was common knowledge that the pre-Babel tongue was the language of the Bible, Ancient Hebrew and the language of Adam and Eve. ven in colonial America, Hebrew was so revered that the first dissertation in the New World, at Harvard College, was on Hebrew as The Mother Tongue. The Continental Congress nearly made Hebrew the language of the new republic, as much to break away from England as to reaffirm America's status as the new Promised Land.
Actually, the claim that Hebrew almost became the US national language is a myth.

And it goes on from there, going into things from the white-supremacist tenets of Darwinism to Noam Chomsky being the connection between Godless non-Edenist linguistics and rabid anti-Israelism, not to mention the "proto-world" fallacy of assuming that languages remain largely static.

There are 2 comments on "Wrathful Dispersionism":

Posted by: Louise http:// Sat Dec 10 02:46:35 2005

Just remarking on the comment of the 'cynical observer' re Scientology being a religion for tax purposes etc I have to say that having availed myself of it I can empirically say that it is a true religion. It's purpose is to help individuals gain more awareness of their own spiritual nature and enables progress as a spiritual being. This is not unlike Eastern religion. I respect that the cynical view could be seen as correct from an outsider viewpoint but having the advantage of not only reading a great deal of Scientology writings and having actually engaged in its practice I consider I have the more considered and truthful view. For some interesting reading see for a paper written by Fumio Sawada, Eighth Holder of the Secrets of Yu-itsu Shinto covering the similarities and differences of the Scientology religion with other religions of the world.

Posted by: Ben http:// Sun Dec 11 13:27:25 2005

I thought it was established long ago by King Cyrus that the 'mother tongue' of humanity was Babylonian?

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