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I just saw this on the ninetynine website:
- A brand new ninetynine song "Repitition" appears on the German Kultur Shock double LP alongside tracks from Citizen Fish, Sin Dios, Oi Polloi, Guts Pie Earshot and others. A celebration of the yearly festival that takes place in Berlin's Eastern suburbs Details about where you can get the album from to follow soon.
(Hmmm.. ninetynine + the name "Repetition" + a German art-rock/punk/something festival; it sounds like it could be rather motorik, especially if it's similar to their last EP.)

Is this a festival they've played at before, or one they're going to do? If the latter, than I guess I'm off to Berlin...

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Posted by: cos Sat Dec 24 04:48:54 2005

don't forget the in(?)famous track by the Fall(-uh)

(watch out for frame hell)

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