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Camden High Street scene

Seen outside Camden Town tube station this evening:
Camden High Street scene

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Posted by: sabine Sun Jan 22 18:50:31 2006

you're lucky you managed to take a picture. When I was in Camden, the punk guys were actually asking for money if we wanted to take a picture of them showing their legendary rebellion ;)

Posted by: acb Mon Jan 23 00:13:40 2006

I was behind him, crossing the street. I took a few shots, and he didn't notice. The dishevelled itinerant near the wall seemed to have and started growling "CUMMEREYAWANKER" or something similar at me, in a none too welcoming fashion.

Posted by: chris http:// Mon Jan 23 01:21:04 2006

blimey, £3 for a takeaway chinese buffet! well spotted!

Posted by: .... Sun Feb 15 20:50:27 2009

Ya think you should have maybe asked for this guys permission before plastering his picture up over the internet where millions could see it?

Can we say someone is being a bit of an ass here. And it's not the guy holding the sign. It's you. So rude of you to take snaps of him unawares and then not even tell him, I'm sure you wouldn't like it if someone did that to you.


Posted by: gusset Mon Feb 16 10:33:11 2009

How could someone who gets paid to stands in public holding a giant sign expect any privacy? I don't see why he should've asked.