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For the love of God, why??

The designer of Comic Sans, possibly the most reviled typeface of recent times (mostly due to clueless people overusing it because it looks "cute", "fun" or otherwise endearing), explains himself and the origins of his disliked creation. Apparently Comic Sans was intended solely for internal use in Microsoft Bob (the cartoonish user interface originally intended for those who found the Windows interface too challenging), and the sole justification for its existence was that it looked more appropriate than Times New Roman in a speech balloon uttered by a cartoon dog. Then a Microsoft project manager noticed it and put it into Windows 95, and from then, there was no stopping its domination of notice boards, garage-sale/missing-pet signs and Geocities web pages made by the sorts of people who thought that animated GIFs and background MIDI files were very cool ideas.

There are 2 comments on "For the love of God, why??":

Posted by: threeze Thu Feb 2 00:40:28 2006

it pains me to admit that my mother uses it on her company emails.

Posted by: datakid http:// Thu Feb 2 21:22:09 2006


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