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Belle and Sebastian in London

This past Friday evening, I went to see Belle & Sebastian at the Hammersmith NME Carling Xfm Apollo or whatever it's called. Apparently (according to Stuart Murdoch), this was the very same historic venue at which David Bowie killed the Spiders from Mars.

Stuart playing guitar The Belle & Sebastian gig last night was brillant; as good as the Brighton gig a week earlier. They started off with The State I'm In, and then went on to play songs including Le Pastie De La Bourgeoisie, Dog On Wheels and She's Losing It; it was good to see that both Electronic Renaissance and Your Cover's Blown got onto the playlist; both of these work really well live. Oh, and Stuart went on wearing a school jacket, which suited him.

There was no cover this time and no guest singers, though there was audience participation aplenty. Stevie After playing The Loneliness of the Middle-Distance Runner, Stuart paused and confided in the audience that he was wondering what 5,000 people whistling in unison would sound like; he then strummed the chords of the song whilst the assembled audience whistled its melody. (For the record, it sounded quite impressive.) At another time in the gig, Stuart noticed that some members of the audience had brought in tambourines and such and asked who else had brought in instruments. One audience member handed him a kazoo, which he proceeded to play, before throwing it back. At the end, they played Judy And The Dream Of Horses; Stuart didn't sing the first verse, but instead played guitar and let the audience do it; they rose to the occasion with gusto. Of course, it wasn't really the last song; there was an encore, in which one of the songs was Sleep The Clock Around, performed with a piano intro.

I managed to take some photos at the gig; they are here.

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Posted by: toby Sun Feb 12 22:31:04 2006

Seeing as all the EXIF data is gone from your images: want to share the details? Nice colour and not much noise, for a dark indoors shot.

Posted by: acb Mon Feb 13 09:19:28 2006

The EXIF data is there, or at least Flickr lists it.

I used my PowerShot A620 compact; some shots were in semi-auto mode, and some were constrained to a faster shutter speed than the camera would have chosen. (I was able to get 1/40 on some shots.) I also reduced the image resolution from the maximum (2048x1536 is probably enough for gig photos) and used digital zoom on a few shots.