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Leunig Holocaust cartoon hoax

Right-wing hoaxers are believed to have submitted a maliciously modified Michael Leunig cartoon to an Iranian competition to find cartoons poking fun at the Holocaust. The cartoon in question was believed to have been one contrasting the Holocaust with Israeli military actions against Palestinians, which The Age refused to print in 2002; the version submitted apparently had the words changed to something appropriately rabid and mean-spirited to stand a chance against the fierce competition from the Middle Eastern press's finest. Leunig, a renowned humanist and anti-war campaigner, is considering legal action.

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Posted by: Michael S. Wed Feb 15 06:03:53 2006

I don't think the cartoon was actually modified at all. Leunig and The Age are being cagey about what the "hoax" was, but the only foul seems to be that it was submitted without his knowledge, and with cover letter written in his name.,5744,18152895%255E7582,00.html

Posted by: Peter Wed Feb 15 06:25:17 2006

It wasn't modified at all. It was this cartoon: about which I have mixed feelings. I think it's cheap and inappropriate to compare Israel's actions to the Nazis'. However, of course I don't approve of much of Israel's actions either...

Crikey reported today that it was somebody who works for the Chaser who did it. However, it wasn't an official Chaser prank and they're pretty pissed off at it.