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Israeli Anti-Semitic Cartoon Contest

A Danish newspaper publishes cartoons of the prophet Mohammed, offending Muslims. Iran retaliates by running a contest for the most offensive Holocaust-related cartoons. And now, a group of Israeli cartoonists are not taking this lying down, and running their own anti-Semitic cartoon contest, to show the Iranians that they won't be bested:
Amitai Sandy, the publisher of Tel-Aviv, Israel-based Dimona Comix, and founder of the contest jokes, "We'll show the world we can do the best, sharpest, most offensive Jew hating cartoons ever published! No Iranian will beat us on our home turf!"
A truly inspired move.

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Posted by: steff http://ofterdingenandkro Wed Feb 15 01:46:47 2006

Inspired move, agreed. I understand that Rabin during his prime ministerial years was often labeled a nazi, etc by dissenting Jews. The flames of the "peace process" discourse. I suppose it is a standard slander between Jews to call one another Nazi. HOw much worse can semitic anti-semitism get, one wonders.