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RIP Ivor Cutler

Ivor Cutler, Scottish poet, songwriter, gentle absurdist and author of humorous ditties, passed away on Friday, after suffering a stroke.

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Posted by: Peter Tue Mar 7 02:22:25 2006

Oh, sad :(

Posted by: datakid Tue Mar 7 07:48:08 2006

That _is_ sad. I never knew who he was, but I've long had an unnamed tape of comedy/music including Pearly Winged Fly and (i dont know if this is it's name) "Oh, my lemon flower" which has provided many hours of entertainment to me and my flatmates and friends.

After reading about him, and seeing that he indeed was the author/performer of Pearly Winged Fly, I am sorrowful, but also happy to be reminded of his work, and now, off to find where I can buy it...

If you've never heard Ivor Cutler - I recommend it as some of the most surreal stuff you could imagine. Highly recommended.