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DIY digital Lomo

This person is attempting to build a homemade digital Lomo camera, by grafting a Lomo lens onto a camera (an Epson Digital Rangefinder, which sounds a bit too expensive to be something to casually hack). It'd be interesting to see whether he succeeds, and whether the resulting Frankensteinian hybrid really does combine the grungy, ultra-hip Lomo look with the convenience of digital.

If there was a market for a digital camera that takes pictures that look Lomo-like, wouldn't the obvious way to do it be by adding a mode in the onboard firmware which vignettes the edges of the image and fiddles the colours? I wonder whether anyone has written a Photoshop/Gimp plug-in which "Lomo-fies" images.

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Posted by: alecm Tue Mar 7 14:32:14 2006


I'd put my URL in the personal info section, but it seems to be clipping the URL to a handful of characters?

Posted by: alecm Tue Mar 7 14:33:33 2006

main link:

Posted by: gjw Thu Mar 9 02:31:37 2006

Also, see the Flickr "Faux Lomo" Pool: and also,