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Eurovision Liveblogging (7)

The Turkish entry involved a woman with extremely bleached hair, singing from deep in her throat over a funky-disco backing track.

And Armenia has a chap in a sequined hoody surrounded by girls with long ponytails like the anti-Daz Sampson. Apparently he's singing in English, though you can't really tell. And now they're doing a bondage routine with black tape.

The Greek woman hosting the show sounds extremely American, both in her accent and the exuberantly bubbly way in which she says that everything is "amazing". If you had a shot every time she said the word "amazing", you'd be catatonic by the end of the night.

And here comes Nana Mouskouri in a flowing white robe and her trademark geek-chic glasses.

I don't know about you, but Lordi get my vote; the Latvians would have been my second preference.

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Posted by: Isotopp Sat May 20 22:17:07 2006

Your diagnosis is correct.

The Greek Woman hosting the show is "Maria Menounos (born on June 8, 1978 in Medford, Massachusetts) is an American actress/journalist/television presenter. She is of Greek ancestry and speaks Greek fluently."