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I tuned into the 3RRR Breakfasters this morning (streamed over the internet and time-delayed) and found that sometime Rocknerd columnist Clem Bastow is now reading the news. I wonder whether she (being a coolsie chat and all) was responsible for the Mid-State Orange song being played after the news. Anything that breaks up the monotony of the Breakfasters playlist is, in my opinion, welcome.

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Posted by: datakid Wed Jul 5 03:13:56 2006

But she has such terrible taste in music - have you read her reviews? Urg, they read like a major label press release

Posted by: acb Wed Jul 5 08:32:58 2006

I must say I haven't kept up with them recently.

I remember that she denounced Architecture In Helsinki for daring to be twee whilst being from such comfortable middle-class backgrounds. And this morning, in her interview on RRR, it emerged that her own background is rather upper-middle-class. Yay, go class war!