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Reactions pitated Mumbai Battelle

Seen in a recent spam message, from one "Fawlty Towers":
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Pets Sports Religion
Ferry Corsten Toca Race
families higher leaflets
Zen Thanks
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Author Software Handheld
Chicano cyberpunk performer discusses visionary RUSirius Duncan
Novell microbes
viewer winzip proxy proxify
revered foolish habit. generally credited
wavelike coarsely
Realtime Sweeper spyware
station Engineers DNA Nanowire Assembly
ABs Blacks
pointers articles
OperaThis speedy recently widgets.
punish letting Hizbollah menace
Triggers Manhattan
guessing painting. racist
protocol thatthe garbage
culprits whether
Kiwis trapped kills strikes BEIRUT: killed least punish
Treatment Exercises
mail.The phrases auxiliary Compare: Youve Talebones
beside song Thus roughly
Along with a graphic containing a pitch for penis-enlargement pills or something of that sort, though that part is not important. It appears that these spammers are mining blogs and/or news sites for text, randomising it in some way (possibly using Markov chains), and reconstituting it in an attempt to get around keyword-based spam filters; and whilst they are doing so, they are providing the much put-upon recipients of their otherwise worthless and noisome messages with a sort of automated Dadaist poetry capturing the current zeitgeist. Zen Thanks indeed.

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