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Capital punishment in the EU?

The ultra-conservative president of Poland (one half of a set of identical twins running the country (his brother is Prime Minister) and a man so right-wing he makes Tony Abbott look like Bob Brown) has called for the restoration of the death penalty. If anything comes of this, it could lead to an interesting situation, as capital punishment is expressly prohibited in the European Union. Were Poland to reintroduce it, it would leave Brussels with a dilemma: hold to principles and expel one of their populous members, or allow Poland to opt out of the death-penalty ban. If the EU blinks and the latter happens, how long until the Daily Mail and Sun put the reintroduction of capital punishment on the agenda in the UK.

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Posted by: El Bizarro Mon Aug 7 08:30:52 2006

Don't the Daily Mail and the Sun bay for the death sentence every 3rd week already?

Posted by: acb Mon Aug 7 13:56:17 2006

I've seldom looked beyond the first page, but they don't seem to <i>directly</i> call for it; though perhaps it is implicit in their calls to withdraw from the European Convention on Human Rights. Once the reintroduction of capital punishment was a possibility without an intermediate step, they may start advocating it as such.