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Liquids on a plane!

It looks like those bans on carry-on luggage on airliners could be here to stay, or at least until they find a way of detecting undetectable liquid explosives:
"A lot of these components are clear and have no smell and you could mix them on board. You do not need much explosive to bring down an aircraft," he said.
"The trouble with airport security measures is that a lot of machines do not spot a lot of explosives. It is still a case of dogs and people taking their clothes off."
And further down:
Airports and aeroplanes have been a key target for terrorists for decades. British-born Richard Reid tried to detonate a shoebomb on a transatlantic flight from Paris to Miami in late 2001. He was overpowered by passengers as he tried to ignite the explosives and was later jailed for life by a US court.
It looks like "shoebomb" is now a word.

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Posted by: gjw Fri Aug 11 00:38:09 2006

BoingBoing is carrying pictures of what security officers are _doing_ with the liquids they confiscate...opening the bottles and pouring them into rubbish bins. Which doesn't sound like a smart way to be handling chemicals which allegedly explode when mixed...