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Skeet Spirit

Skeet Spirit is a collection of Radiohead songs reinterpreted (rather loosely) in the "crunk" style (i.e., as an aggressive, hypersexualised thug music somewhere between Miami Booty Bass and gangsta rap). Includes songs like "No Sizzuruprises", "Creepin' (On Dat Ass)", and "Talk Show Hoes".

There are 2 comments on "Skeet Spirit":

Posted by: gjw Fri Sep 8 12:57:19 2006

You had any luck actually downloading this, acb? I've tried the megaupload and badongo download links, and both give me a corrupted .RAR file... I thought we were in the age of .torrents...

Posted by: acb Fri Sep 8 13:57:07 2006

The other link (, I think) gave me a .zip file which worked.

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