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Building tomorrow's predators

Defense contractors in the US have developed a gun-mounted system for recognising enemies. The system consists of a camera mounted on a rifle, attached to a backpack computer which recognises and keeps a database of faces; it can alert the soldier to the same face showing up in a variety of trouble spots (i.e., a troublemaker), or being on a pre-supplied list of bad guys/terrorists/ornery varmints. Perhaps they could even attach it to the gun's trigger, so then all you'd have to do is sweep the gun over a crowd and it'd automagically shoot the right people.

Now if they combined this technology with the fleets of swarming aerial drones and carnivorous robots, then we'd really be getting somewhere.

There are 2 comments on "Building tomorrow's predators":

Posted by: El Bizarro Sat Sep 30 11:31:11 2006

3 words... BRING IT ON

It's about time we made those meataxes in the armed forces redundant anyhow, surely artificial intelligence has superceded their limited intellects by now?!?

Posted by: acb Sat Sep 30 17:50:38 2006

It'll need a catchy name first. How about "Skynet"?

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