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Wristcutters: A Love Story

This looks like a potentially interesting film:
"Heartbroken by a break-up with his girlfriend Desiree, twentysomething Zia (Almost Famous' Patrick Fugit) kills himself - only to wake up in the afterlife: a purgatory populated exclusively by other suicides, where the jukeboxes only play Joy Division and Nirvana, all the colours seem desaturated, and life is more or less the same as back in the real world - 'just a little worse'. Learning that his beloved ex has also taken her life, he hooks up with a Russian misfit (whose final moments, seen in flashback, provide one of the film's funniest scenes), and a moody Goth hitchhiker (Shannyn Sossamon), and sets off in a battered station wagon to find her; the resulting road-trip - including a scene-stealing cameo by Tom Waits - forms the basis of this ruefully funny road movie."
And there's an IMDB entry here.

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Posted by: Peter Fri Nov 17 01:20:39 2006

It's from Israeli author Etgar Keret's story "Kneller's Happy Campers", which is awesome, and there's a graphic novel version of it too... You should read both of Keret's collections. I think this one's in "The Bus Driver Who Wanted To Be God"