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UnSuggester is a book recommendation engine in reverse; enter a book you liked, and it'll give you a list of books you probably won't like. Apparently, fans of William Gibson's Neuromancer and Michael Moore's Stupid White Men would least want to read books on theology, the opposites of Marx & Engels' Communist Manifesto look like erotica novels, Bulgakov's The Master and Margarita is the least like an array of romance novels, Star Wars novelisations and theological texts, and the opposites of Design Patterns are mostly chick-lit, whereas The Little Prince finds itself to be the antithesis of thrillers and scifi novels. Meanwhile, people who read Illuminatus! are unlikely to read Freakonomics, and the opposite of The Da Vinci Code, with its simplistic structure and grand revelations, appears to be, naturally enough, French postmodernist philosophy.

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Posted by: Loki Tue Dec 5 00:31:12 2006

I've read about half of those - and I'd recommend Illuminatus! to anyone who enjoyed Freakonomics and visa versa.

Posted by: acb Tue Dec 5 09:11:19 2006

Yes; I don't get the Illuminatus!/Freakonomics dichotomy either.