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Google Maps: Australian edition

Google Maps has finally launched a full Australian edition. The site, located here, doesn't provide any more actual map data than Google has had for a year or two, but does now have an index of businesses, so searches like "cafes in 3068" or "computers in melbourne" will yield useful results.

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Posted by: datakid Thu Feb 8 20:19:53 2007

Did you know that they also offer txt messaging service? The google calendar, can be conf'd to send you a txt at the time of your choosing before each event. I get a txt the day before each calander event - makes it somewhat easier than having to sync an iCal or use paper...and I don't have to be so jealous of the crackberry heads.

In Aust, you need to be with Vodafone or Optus (I'm with the later) and when you think "but is it free", the answer is, as long as your carrier doesn't charge for txt delivery (!).

Sweet as. I'm signing my first born over as soon as I get the chance, if it means I get useful stuff :P

Posted by: scopo Fri Feb 9 01:19:34 2007

My inner conspiracy theorist thinks that Google has got into bed with Transurban - every single route I ask it to plan mysteriously includes getting onto Citylink!

And - in common with - the directions pay no heed to small things such as illegal turns. In asking it to 'direct' me 8km from home to work, both 'services' recommend I make at least four illegal/impossible turns!

Posted by: acb Fri Feb 9 01:59:58 2007

I've never used its route planning in the UK (never having driven here), so I don't know if it's any better.

Presumably Google Maps optimises for speed of travel and ignores tolls.

Posted by: gjw Fri Feb 9 06:02:51 2007

It ignores other things, too; ask for any route from one side of Australia to another (say, Perth to Cairns) and it directs you through the desert, where all but diesel-munching Landcruisers fear to tread. Hopefully this won't lead to the deaths of even more ignorant English tourists.