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Vale Anna Nicole Smith

Former Playboy model, reality TV star and existentialist philosopher Anna Nicole Smith has been found dead in a motel room in Florida. While much has been said about her marriages and media appearances, Smith is perhaps most notable for her terse summation of the human condition into seven words: "it's just so hard to be me", a statement which stands alongside Sartre's "Hell is other people" in the annals of modern thought.

The cause of death has not been announced. More details are here.

There are 2 comments on "Vale Anna Nicole Smith":

Posted by: Beth Fri Feb 9 00:41:33 2007

I love your existentialist philosopher description!

Posted by: Ben Fri Feb 9 08:02:20 2007

Gone to the great gold-mine in the sky. The world is a more tawdry place for her passing. And silicon stocks are sure to rise.