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In 6502 news today

Someone has written a JavaScript-based 6502 assembler and emulator. The system compiles 6502 assembly language into JavaScript, includes a (low-resolution) emulated video display, and is powerful enough to play simple games like Pong (included in the examples).

In other 6502-related news, here is a commented disassembly and detailed analysis of Rob Hubbard's music playing code, as seen in numerous Commodore 64 games of the 1980s (and later ripped off by crackers and demo scenesters). If there was a museum of feats of 8-bit computing, this routine would be sitting in a prominently placed glass case in one of its wings.

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Posted by: Toby Fri Apr 13 01:43:28 2007

No idea if there's a direct lineage, but there's a very definite commonality between this and the .mod format that was the default on amigas.

Posted by: acb Fri Apr 13 10:41:28 2007


I suspect it may have to do with many Amiga coders having cut their teeth in the C64 demo scene.