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Big in Finland

Mess+Noise has a short piece on local band Ninetynine, which mentions their future plans and their surprising popularity in Finland:
Having been back in Melbourne for three months now, waiting for the album to be reissued, Ninetynine have been rehearsing, writing new material (some of which will be heard on their upcoming dates) and commissioning a series of low-budget videos for album tracks with the simple proviso that the band don't have to appear in them.
It's good to hear that they're working on new material.

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Posted by: datakid Sun Apr 29 22:36:03 2007

Saw them on Friday night - they were really good, with some new material ("Guest List Girls", introduced by Cam as "we wrote this 7 years ago and have never played it...", but the low down from a friend who flats with Laura and Iain, and then confirmed by Meg the new multi instrumentalist, was "written recently, weren't expected to play, but since everyone was having such a good time...". It was the encore. A gentleman called Ben got on stage for that track who I had never seen before - it wasn't Mr Butler.

We also heard Woekenender, which was fantastic to hear again. Iain was on stage, but not for all songs. Meg, the new girl, was a fine replacement for the pregnant Amy. Despite Meg claiming "I only ever learnt the Violin", she played guitar, xylophone, and casio. She even sang a song, but was a bit out - although apparently she had it nailed in rehearsal so potentially it was a nerves thing.

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