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Coming soon, from the BBC

The BBC's "edgy", yoof-oriented BBC Three channel, has revealed six new drama series due to be screened later this year:
Being Human, from Touchpaper TV and Doctor Who writer Toby Whithouse, follows three co-habiting flatmates. One is a vampire, one is a ghost and the other a werewolf.
Mrs Inbetweeny tells the story of siblings who are brought up by their pre-op transsexual aunt Emma from America.
Phoo Action is a kung fu live action drama set in 2012 London, which is in the grip of mutant criminals. Terry Phoo and Whitey Action - the first a Buddhist cop and the second an anarchist - step in to save the day.
W10 LDN, from Noel Clarke and Kudos, looks at the lives led by a group of young teenagers on a housing estate in West London.
The last one sounds like they're trying to jump on the Lily Allen cool-street-hip-hop bandwagon, which could possibly sell. But Phoo Action?

There are 4 comments on "Coming soon, from the BBC":

Posted by: datakid ('',) Sat Jul 14 05:17:39 2007

Phoo Action is the one that mosts interests me...I'm always interested to see anarchists save the world.

Posted by: arthur ('',) Sat Jul 14 10:15:45 2007

Transsexuals, Buddhists, political outcasts and non-human minorities? This is political correctness gone wrong!!! Hell, handcarts, etc...

Posted by: Mike Farahbakhshian ('',) Sun Jul 15 19:46:12 2007

A vampire, a werewolf and a ghost? It sounds like breakfast cereals deciding to share the rent.

Posted by: Bowie ('',) Mon Jul 16 02:32:24 2007

Sounds like Grant Morrison joined the writing team to me...

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