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Imperial 1, Metric 0

After decades of attempting to drag the UK, kicking and screaming, into the metric world, the EU has given up, conceding that the UK may use its peculiar imperial system of measurement indefinitely:
"I want to bring to an end a bitter, bitter battle that has lasted for decades and which in my view is completely pointless. We're bringing this battle to an end."
Metric remains an official system of measurement in the UK, much as it is in the US.

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Posted by: gusset Tue Sep 11 08:08:49 2007

Stupid. We should go metric and shut up whinging about it. Imperial will die out in another generation or so anyway. We should be switching roads to km etc before we confuse another generation with two systems. My sat nav is set to km so I'm doing it already. Pints of beer remain an issue but as many pubs serve so much from bottles now half-litres are coming in by stealth anyway.

Posted by: acb Tue Sep 11 11:41:26 2007

Bottles are actually often in American non-metric measures, only rounded into metric. 330ml is a rather unusual size in metric, but it's a round number in fluid ounces.

Posted by: jarv Tue Sep 11 23:18:22 2007

I'd say we're actually quite different from America - everything technical, where it really matters, is metric. Who cares if you buy milks in pints, as long as bridges don't fall down...

Posted by: unixdj Fri Sep 14 13:03:43 2007

330ml is a common size for drinks in Europe as well, commonly known as "a third" (of a litre).

It doesn't seem to be a round number of ounces either. "units '330 ml' floz" says 11.158627 (or 11.614353 British floz); 11 (American) floz is roughly 325.31 ml.

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