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Williamsburg Will Oldham Horror

YouTube video of the day: Jeffrey Lewis - "Williamsburg Will Oldham Horror", a nice exemplar of New York hipster antifolk:

There are 4 comments on "Williamsburg Will Oldham Horror":

Posted by: datakid Mon Jan 21 02:10:33 2008

I highly recommend the "Antifolk Vol 1" album. It's a great intro to the scene, and has some absolute doozies on it.

Posted by: acb Mon Jan 21 10:29:45 2008

Is this the same thing as the "Anticomp Folkilation"?

Posted by: Greg Mon Jan 21 11:12:16 2008

It's a Spinal Tap for the noughties.

Posted by: datakid Mon Jan 21 23:02:08 2008

@acb, no. Similar but different. The Antifolk comp came first I think. Note that it's website: is decidedly anti-web.

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