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Roland FR-2 V-Accordion®

Possibly following the rise of Balkan folk-influenced indie bands, Roland have now released a MIDI accordion. The Roland FR-2 V-Accordion® uses physical modelling to reproduce the nuances of sound (including valve and button noises and the sounds of individual reeds) and comes with 8 accordion sound sets, as well as 6 orchestral sound sets, and 15 microtuning presets.

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Posted by: polkatronron Tue Nov 11 21:03:48 2008

I have had one now for 2 weeks and am pretty impressed with the sounds and the way it plays. I am a polka player and observe the following: 1. It could be more attractive to look at. (dah) 2. The straps are poor and a velcro bass stap What is with that??? 3. Using bass and treble inputs does not separate bass and treble as Roland says it does. There is alot of treble bleed through sound..Not good and is very annoying. 4. Poor bass selections. Only 2 of the lot are worth anything for my kind of music..needs more bass selection 5. Treble selections good, nice bellows action with the damper. Would like to talk to other FR 2 owners...e mail to

Posted by: Frank Thu Aug 27 01:53:28 2009

I just purchase one also. Your comments are right on the money. While trying to lift up the bass one octive to make all 5 registers more meaningful, I somehow eliminated pumping on the bellows. This seemed to enhance the treble. I'm still trying to ehance the bass. Also trying to figure out what I did so I can understand the total setup. Frank

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