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Surrey Quays/Sarah Keys

Seen in the comments for a blog piece about the renaming of a London Underground station, this piece of trivia and/or folklore:
The name Surrey Quays was coined by civil servants as a way of embarrassing the then Minister of Transport, Cecil Parkinson. The name alludes to his deserted mistress, Sarah Keys. It would be a pity to lose this snippet of history.
I have no idea whether or not there is any truth in this, or whether it's one of those things that somebody made up because the world would be more interesting if it were true.

There are 2 comments on "Surrey Quays/Sarah Keys":

Posted by: Mark Wed Mar 5 13:48:11 2008

The first guy has probably been humiliated enough by now. They should rename the place to humiliate someone more contemporary.

Posted by: Ninibini93 Wed Mar 12 10:23:45 2008

How old is Sarah Keys when she died in Alcove Spring??