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Icy Spicy Leoncie

Remember Leoncie, the other eccentric Icelandic singer who gave the world pop classics like "Radio Rapist" and "Sex Crazy Cop"? (The world, meanwhile, responded with stubborn indifference, apart from perhaps the odd "no way, man".) Well, she now has videos on YouTube, where you can behold the sheer awesomeness that is her unique pop sensibility (which draws on sub-Eurovision pop-rock and the genre of smooth, high-tech black radio-pop that fell into the cracks between Prince and hip-hop, with general-MIDI instruments and vocal stylings which sound somewhere between Whitney Houston and a Wagnerian valkyrie, not to mention inappropriately risqué subject matter). Go on, take a look at Sex Crazy Cop; you know you're curious.

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Posted by: Evil Paul Tue Mar 11 09:12:37 2008

That's great stuff. Reminds me of My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult actually.

Posted by: Niall Wed Mar 12 10:43:48 2008

I'd also recommend Haffi Haff and Svala Björgvinsdottir...