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Stuff other people like

The makers of Stuff White People Like bring us two more slightly uncomfortable satirical glimpses into race and class in today's America: firstly, Stuff White Trash People Like (including the likes of "boxed wine", "NASCAR", and "High School Sweethearts"):
#1: America

Budweiser, fake tits, the V8, Little Debbies, the Fourth of July, all you can eat buffets, Viagra, yeah, America invented all that shit. Not enough for you? Tell you what, every other country that’s been to the moon raise your hand.

That’s what we thought.

If America’s not the best country ever, then why did Jesus invent it? See, you can’t argue with that logic.

And then there's Stuff Educated Black People Like (like "Getting Dressed Up", "Conferences" and "Poetry Slams" and "Moving To Atlanta").

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Posted by: Greg Thu Mar 13 09:29:19 2008

I'm not a fan. It's a typology - a sign of pseudo-science. Familiar examples include astrology, Myers-Briggs personality types etc. The strategy is to define categories of people, then attach beliefs and behaviour to each. Typologies are dodgy because individuals differ randomly along so many dimensions - social background, genes, religion, historical period and many more - which affect their thinking and behaviour. These guys used to promote a racial typology but now include the dimension of class - ironic since most of their purported racial attributes were, if generalizable to types at all, social-class attributes. I know their website is meant as a joke (I hope?) but a lot of the commenters seems to take it seriously - I worry this stuff is top of a slippery slope.