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Tony Blair's Faith Foundation

Tony Blair is launching a foundation to promote religious faith in public life. Blair's Faith Foundation is not specific on which religious doctrine the faith should be in, as long, as long as actual religious faith is involved. Because it would be a shame if the big decisions that affect millions of lives were made on some lesser basis, such as, for example, reason or empirical observation.

There are 3 comments on "Tony Blair's Faith Foundation":

Posted by: gusset Fri Apr 4 15:13:45 2008

Please someone set up an Atheist Foundation to run along side it. I'll donate.

Posted by: acb Fri Apr 4 16:24:47 2008

An Atheist Foundation sounds a bit like an Anarchist Party. A Humanist Foundation or Secular Foundation I'd buy, though.

Posted by: gusset Mon Apr 7 16:11:28 2008

Yeah, ok, I'll concede that would be more stable, so I'll go with that.