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The Merseyside village of Lunt is considering changing its name to Launt, because of vandals who keep altering signs in the village, changing the 'L' to a 'C'. The village (records of which date back to 1251) has never been referred to as "Launt", and some villagers are loth to change its ancient name.

Alternately, they could twin the village with the Austrian village of Fucking (whose own villagers voted in 2004 against changing its name).

There are 2 comments on "Lunt":

Posted by: Alexander Mon Apr 14 22:46:08 2008

Interesting, here in Portugal there is a village called Rio Cabrão (, which translates loosely as "River Utter Bastard" (it's not directly translatable, but "utter bastard" is the gist of it). The locals are known as "cabrões" (again, akin to utter bastard or something of the sort), and have repeatedly stated they're proud to be "cabrões" and have so far successively battled all attempts to change the village's name.

Posted by: Greg Tue Apr 29 10:33:31 2008

This story reminds me of Melbourne Uni's "Old Arts" building.

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