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Wargames: The Dead Code

They're now making a sequel to early-1980s hacker film Wargames. The Russkies have, predictably, been replaced with Middle Eastern terrorists, though the plausibility doesn't seem to have improved much:
In this updated version, WOPR (the uppity NORAD supercomputer) is replaced by Ripley (a sexy artificial intelligence that tempts terrorists out of the woodwork -- while defending Newt in her downtime). When the 21st-century equivalent to Matthew Broderick (Matt Lanter) ticks Ripley off, she decides to hijack a Predator drone armed with nukes (I knew they were around somewhere). The race is on to stop Ripley or see American cities wiped from the map.

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Posted by: mitchell Thu May 29 08:56:46 2008

Can't we just make a sequel to Hollywood and get this whole dig-up-the-corpse-and-reanimate-it-for-profit thing over with? It is so so disgusting. Naomi Klein should write a book called NO SEQUEL.

The one positive aspect to this horrid zombie film culture is that it makes life a little bit simpler. "OK - I can ignore that entire part of the culture, it's nothing but dumbed-down, sexed-up reruns." But then you have it forced on you whenever you're in a public space. COMING NEXT MONTH! ONLY IN CINEMAS! SOMETHING YOU'VE ALREADY HEARD OF! WITH NEW FACES AND LESS PLOT!