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WTF now considered obscene in North Carolina

A chance to watch language changing in real time: the North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles has offered to replace all licence plates containing the letters "WTF" free of charge, after the letters became obscene following the rise of internet/text-messaging abbreviations. Nearly 10,000 licence plate holders have the three letters in their plates, though whether they wish to replace them will be up to them. I wonder how many will take up the offer.

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Posted by: Greg Sat Jun 28 02:49:12 2008

Similar things happen with some names. A new slang word appears, or is adopted say from the US, and people who had the name before it was slang are potentially embarrassed. With first names (eg Fanny), the problem can disappear in a generation, but with last names the lineage would have to decide whether to ride it out or change the name.