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Robin "Banksy" Gunningham?

New claims have emerged about the true identity of street artist Banksy. Based on photographs taken in Jamaica, the Mail On Sunday claims that Banksy is one Robin Gunningham, a former public school pupil from Bristol. Banksy's spokespeople have refused to confirm or deny this.

There are 3 comments on "Robin "Banksy" Gunningham?":

Posted by: perus narkp Sun Jul 20 06:28:49 2008

Nonsense. Banksy went to high school at Instituto Cultural Tampico in Mexico, along with his friend Rafael Guillén.

Posted by: acb Sun Jul 20 11:37:59 2008

That's an interesting assertion. Care to elaborate on it?

Posted by: carbon captcha Tue Jul 22 05:38:52 2008

Google reveals that comment to be an elaborate joke.