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What Britney did next

The latest trend in spam seems to be incoherently bizarre headlines mentioning Britney Spears, and promising videos:
Britney vagina transplant to erase fools' memory syndrome
Britney heartbroken as Diana's Butler beds Winehouse
Britney Spears has Fanny Magnets Grafted in to Attract Papparazzi
Britney sues vagina for divorce
Presumably they're aiming for the same demographic that would download files named "enraged baboon fucking a nipple factory".

This seems to have started two days ago; before that, there was a brief burst of Angelina Jolie-related spam, following on from a number of "Weekly top news" headlines like "sperm-flavored cocaine all the rage in LA" (which sounds like they got Warren Ellis in as a copywriter).

There are 2 comments on "What Britney did next":

Posted by: Greg Sat Aug 23 00:32:25 2008

I think you're too hard on these "headline" spams. I think they're a funny sendup of celebrity news, a la The Chaser. That last one verges on comic genius. And I would *never* click on "Enraged baboon fucking a nipple factory". Mind you, I would never click on the headline spams. But I appreciate getting these in my inbox rather than yet another viagra ad. ... Hang on, I'm not the only guy getting lots of viagra ads am I?

Posted by: acb Sat Aug 23 01:10:34 2008

Viagra spams? Maybe they just found a copy of New Waver's "Just Can't Get It Up"?

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