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As of today, I am no longer in the prime advertising demographic. In theory, nobody's ever going to try to sell me an iPod or a backpacking trip to Thailand again; from now on, it's only foot lotions, lawn-care products and insurance.

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Posted by: Jim Wed Jan 7 12:22:50 2009

Happy birthday - I'll be annoyed if this works :)

Posted by: gusset Wed Jan 7 15:02:36 2009

Happy Birthday! I'm still a couple of years off of that box move but am dreading it more than "the big 3-0"

Posted by: Bobby Wed Jan 7 18:10:43 2009

Yep. Happy Birthday now GET OFF MY LAWN!

Posted by: mark Wed Jan 7 22:36:22 2009

Happy birthday mate

Posted by: cos Thu Jan 8 00:25:12 2009

happy birthday! i must say, it's taken me most of the last year to get used to checking that next little box...

Posted by: Greg Thu Jan 8 02:52:44 2009

I recently moved to the next box along from yours!

Posted by: ianw Thu Jan 8 03:26:41 2009

welcome aboard (the 35-44 line). Somehow it feels better to say it ['Happy Birthday']here, as opposed to say, Facebook

Posted by: Greg Fri Jan 9 12:23:50 2009

I keep thinking of that K-Mart ad that uses the song "Counting the Beat". That song was hip new-wave when I was in my late teens. I freaked when I realized K-Mart were using it as a siren song to LURE ME TO THEIR OLD PEOPLE'S STORE.

Posted by: acb Fri Jan 9 12:29:05 2009

Well, The Clash and the Sex Pistols are now "heritage rock", alongside the Rolling Stones and Beatles.

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